Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Beauty of Muslimas Revealed! (Part II): Dry Humping.


With the sexual mores that we Muslims enjoy, it is only natural that Muslim women from time to time take the liberty of dry humping each other.  Could there be any other evidence for the natural eradication of inter-gender communication that Islam advocates?

The Beauty of Muslimas Revealed! (Part I): Eating.

Watch the man behind the beautiful Muslimas! 

Hate Speech?

“Show mercy to one another, but be ruthless to Muslims”

“How perverse are Muslims!”

“Strike off the heads of Muslims, as well as their fingertips”

“Fight those Muslims who are near to you”

“Muslim mischief makers should be murdered or crucified”

Amazing Islam Miracles معجزات الاسل (Part VII): Proof Allah Exists!


The video speaks for itself! Another Miracle of Islam! 

Poor, Poor Hamas. Why Is this Peaceful Organization Always Being Picked On?

As we watch the Poor Victims Hamas being Blasted by Israel, we can hear the same-old shrill cries of Israel Using "Disproportionate Force".

That is interesting, given the fact that:

"...Israeli population centers in southern Israel have been the target of over 4,000 rockets, as well as thousands of mortar shells, fired by Hamas and other organizations since 2001. Rocket attacks increased by 500 percent after Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip in August 2005. During an informal six-month lull, some 215 rockets were launched at Israel."

Or that

"...After 9/11, when the Western alliance united to collectively topple the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, no one compared Afghan casualties in 2001 to the actual numbers that died from al-Qaeda's attack. There clearly is no international expectation that military losses in war should be on a one-to-one basis. To expect Israel to hold back in its use of decisive force against legitimate military targets in Gaza is to condemn it to a long war of attrition with Hamas."

What is more interesting to note is the to “celebrate” its 21 anniversary Hamas threw a Mass rally in Gaza.

With their trademark of stressing Peace and Brotherly love, the gathering included a "play" featuring a character dressed as captive IDF soldier Gilad Schalit, pleading in Hebrew for his freedom: "I miss my mom and dad."

The pain deliberately caused to Schalit's parents, more than 900 days after his abduction, would have been of little concern to Hamas. As it marks its 21st birthday, Hamas pays no heed to the fact that Schalit has been denied his freedom on his 20th, 21st and 22nd birthdays.

But Hamas “kindness”  exemplified at yesterday's rally should not only be celebrated by  Israelis. It should give pause to to the whole world and most especially to Hamas's co-religionists.

But we all know that Muslims celebrate this kidnapping as well as anyway to strike at the infidel or Zionist! 

Remember, all good Muslims and Leftists know:

Hamas = Good and Peaceful.

Israel = Bad Guys. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Amazing Islam Miracles معجزات الاسل (Part VI): Burka Blue!

If there is anything that a Muslim loves besides Jihad, it is a Burqa. Please witness yet another Miracle of Islam معجزات الاسل   with the new and sensational Burka Band, and the Hit Song Burka Blue that is taking the Islamic world by STORM!                

Education and Islam (Part II): Taliban Force 40,000 Girls to Go Without Education!


Thankfully there are still Muslims out there that understand that an educated woman, is a dangerous woman, both to herself and to Islam. 

That is why any true Muslim is celebrating the fact that the Taliban are
forcing over 40,000 young girls from school and effectivly denying them an education. 

As we already know, Allah does not look kindly on girls being educated, and these Islamic freedom fighters are only upholding the will of the Islam, and should be showered with the Islamic praise they so deserve. 

The Taliban on Wednesday issued a deadline for January 15 for the ban to be implemented, following which they said they would bomb the buildings of schools allowing girls to study. 

The Taliban have blown up more than
100 girls’ schools in Swat in the past 14 months. 

Amazing Islam Miracles معجزات الاسل (Part V): Dirty Kuffar

Who says Islam has no taste in Music?
Can anyone think of a more beautiful expression that could be put to Music than "Dirty Kuffar" 
--(Dirty Disbeliever)?

Lyrics to this Islamic Masterpiece can be found here.

CIA Offering Viagra to Win Over Aging Afghan Warlords!


If one doesn't fight Jihad for Allah, the next best reason for a Muslim to
fight is for Viagra! Allah be praised! Now, many a Jihadist can enjoy his teenage women in this life, before he recieves his 72 virgin reward from Allah! 

See this testement to faith in Allah here. 

The FATWA Chronicles (Part VII): A Muslim Man CAN Beat His Wife or Slave if She Refuses Sex


More wisdom from Islamic Q&A. We can see the truth of the the Religion of Peace dripping from the pages of this FATWA issuing site. 

Witness the Beauty, Wonder and Justice of Allah's will for womankind! 

"It is not permissible for her to rebel against him or to withhold herself from him (refuse sex), rather if she refuses (sex with) him and persists in doing so, he may hit her in a manner that does not cause injury, and she is not entitled to spending or a share of his time..." 

"...Similarly a slave woman does not have the right to refuse her master’s requests unless she has a valid excuse. If she does that she is being disobedient and he has the right to discipline her in whatever manner he thinks is appropriate and is allowed in sharee’ah".
Wow the 21st century! Praise Allah that some Muslims have not forgotten the time honored instituation of Islamic Slavery!   Better warn the Philipino maids to be on their best behaviour.

Islamic Holy Warriors Sexually Humiliated Guests in the Name of Allah, Before Killing Them

Disturbing photographs made available to this newspapers by police sources indicate that several of the guests at the Taj Mahal Hotel during the siege November 26 were sexually humiliated by the terrorists and then shot dead.

Police sources confirm that even as the terrorists were engaged in a fierce combat with NSG commandos, they were humiliating their hostages before ending their terrifying ordeal. 

Foreign guests were their particular target. Eight of the 31 killed at the Taj were foreign nationals.

Photographs taken by a police forensic team after the hotel was sanitised yield a gruesome picture of some of the guests in the nude. 

These bodies were found away from the hotel's swimming pool which makes it clear that they were not those guests who were taken hostage from the poolside. 

"Even the Rabbi and his wife at Nariman House were sexually assaulted and their genitalia mutilated," said a senior officer of the investigating team, not wishing to be quoted.

“We have CCTV footage which reveals how these terrorists forced some of the guests who were holed up in restuarants to strip, but there is not evidence of rape,” he added. 

These pictures, most of which we have refrained from printing, are in the records of the police and are now part of the investigation. 

Leader of Women's Group Beheaded.

By YAHYA BARZANJI – Dec 18, 2008

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq (AP) — Iraqi police say attackers have decapitated the leader of the women's league of the Kurdish Communist Party.

A police officer says gunmen on Thursday stormed the Kirkuk home of Nahla Hussein al-Shaly and shot and beheaded her.

The city of Kirkuk lies 180 miles north of Baghdad. The officer who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

Party spokesman Azad Gahareeb says the 37-year-old al-Shaly may have been targeted because she promoted women's rights. He says the married mother of two was alone in the house when she was attacked.

Weekly Jihad Report

 Dec 13 - Dec 19
 Jihad Attacks  42

Dead Bodies:121

                                          Critically Injured: 223

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Education and Islam (Part I): Islamic HOLY WARRIORS Warn: Enrol any Female Students; Schools Will Be Blown Up!


The Religion of Peace as mandated by Allah is a Glorious thing. 
Witness the civilizing nature that Islam has over Muslims, and the dividends of Peace Islam provides: 


ISLAMABAD:Taliban extremists in Pakistan's troubled northwest Swat valley have banned girls from attending school, threatening to kill any female students, officials said Thursday. 
The threat was delivered this week by local Taliban commander Shah Durran in an address carried on an illegally-run radio station in the area, local officials told AFP. 
"You have until January 15 to stop sending your girls to schools. If you do not pay any heed to this warning, we will kill such girls," one official quoted the commander as saying. 
"We also warn schools not to enrol any female students; otherwise, their buildings will be blown up." 

The Religion of Tolerance: Muslims Erect: ‘Allah Has No Son’ Banner in Nazareth


In yet another show of tolerance and peace that Islam affords other 'people's of the book,' Muslims have erected a banner outside of Nazareth to welcome Christians and celebrate Christmas!

There are two large banners, one in English and one in Arabic hanging in the plaza in from fo the Basilica of the Annunciation, with a verse from the Koran (112:1-4) contradicting the New Testament proclamation that Jesus is the “only begotten” of God.

“In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful, Say (O Muhammad): He is Allah, (the) One and Only. Allah, the Eternal, the Absolute. He begetteth not, nor was begotten, and there is none like unto him,”
...the banner reads.

Nazareth Mayor Ramiz Jaraisy played down concerns that a banner effectively denying Jesus’ deity was provocative to Christians, although he did question its position, in front of Nazareth’s most prominent landmark.

“I don’t think that it’s provocative against anyone,” he said. “My point of view [is] that it’s not the right place to put it and it’s not the right way to do that.”

Of course not! It is yet another example of the the interfaith understanding that Muslims practice everyday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Failure of the Arabs: Let Us Count the Ways!


I have just watched a disturbing video brothers, in it you can see a man who clearly and without shame states this and many other comments against Arabs as a Race! 

  • Arabs can use all the technology of the West, but not produce it.  
  • Arabs can not produce anything,  
  • Arabs can not manufacture anything,  
  • Arabs do almost no work, 
  • Arabs, even if they do work, can never do anything professionally.  
  • Arabs do not read,  
  • Arabs are a very lazy race, 
  • The entire Arab world, including the oil states is still poorer than the poorest industrial state Spain!  
  • Allah instructed Muslims to Kill, and do it professionally, but do Arabs? For ---Allah's sake, if you kill do it professionally!  
  • Arabs do not excel at either military or civil industies.  
  • Arabs must import everything from needles to missles because of their failure as a people.  
  • Arabs have even not ever manufactured a single engine. While even the Indians have manufactured cars and even airplanes, but Arabs haven't.  
  • Arabs can only go round in circles like a bull who turns a grinding mill or a water wheel.  
  • Arabs are inferior to Zionists because they (Jews) have become superior in knowledge, technology and strength.  Arabs had a desert before their eyes and did NOTHING. When Zioinist took over they turned the desert into a GREEN OAISIS.  

I was shocked when I saw this, but then became extremely confused, this was the Friday Surmon aired on Qatar TV By Dr. Yousuf al-Quradhawi.  Are there any other Muslims as shocked as I, for him giving away our secrets to the infidel?  

Should there be a Jiahad against the Mufti?  

What should happen if he delves even deeper into the utter failure of other sections of the Ummah, and its people. God forbid he tackle the total failure of Bangladesh, it's people and its culuture or the second biggest failure Pakistan? 
Why is a Mufti letting the infidel in on our secrets?  
This must be answered? 
What should the response be?  

Offended Muslim Syndrome & Self-Help Support Groups

By Red Square, Location: Karl Marx Treatment Center 

Following the misery inflicted on Islam by a toy bear that ended up with calls for the execution of an English woman, more Muslims are stepping forward with stories of long-suppressed emotional trauma imposed on them by so-called reality. 

"I have always been offended by rubber ducks," says Mahmud Said of Portland, Oregon. "For a long time I felt stigmatized and inadequate, until one day I decided to write about it on an Internet forum. I received hundreds of heart-felt emails - from Morocco to Indonesia. It turns out that thousands of Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 35 have had traumatic experiences with rubber ducks.

"We started a support group that has grown to 10,000 members. Not only do we share horrifying rubber duck stories, we also try to increase public awareness by sabotaging the world supply of rubber ducks, setting fire to factories, abducting rubber duck distributors, and intimidating retailers. These are building blocks for our healthy future. With Allah as my witness, our public awareness campaign will soon result in a completely rubber-duck-free world."

Abdullah Sharif had just turned 35 when the Mohammed cartoon controversy suddenly broke out. It left him so emotionally scarred that he developed an aversion to representative art in all its forms. He often found himself shrieking while passing comics in a bookstore window, or seeing the funnies in the local newspaper. But while Abdullah had formerly been considered just another oddball, thanks to social networking, he is now a successful leader of an international charitable organization working for the betterment of humankind through imposing of Sharia law on the infidels.

His group covers a wide range of activities, from occasional riots, bombings, and beating of newspaper editors to writing threatening letters to the Cartoon Network. "One true believer may be a nutcase, but together we are the fastest growing religion on Earth, making the important cultural shift to a more Islam-dominated society that benefits both the true believers and the lowly kufir," boasts Abdullah. He recently moved to a new home in Malibu and is touring the world on a private Lear Jet.

Studies conducted by mental health professionals have shown that Muslim men and women are often offended by the most unexpected items, including baby rattles, hummingbirds, home appliances, or geographical maps with polar ice caps. On the top ten list of the most offensive things are rectal thermometers and the word "allometric," which many consider an underhanded insult to Allah.

Every such grievance is being thoroughly documented and acted upon by support groups and mental health providers, such as CAIR, that help victims to overcome their stress and anxiety by filing costly lawsuits against private institutions and government agencies.

The typical case involved a visitor from Egypt to Brooklyn, NY, who was offended by the sight of a cumulus cloud over Atlantic Avenue in the shape of the Arabic letter "A." By organizing protests and putting pressure on mass media, a network of Muslim groups and charities succeeded in forcing a Brooklyn judge to award the offended man $150,000 in damages, to be paid by the National Meteorological Agency. The Agency is the government body the Muslim groups deemed most responsible for regulating the proper distribution of water molecules over the New York metropolitan area.

Among the most bizarre cases is a lawsuit filed by religious and community leaders who claim that they are being unfairly targeted by gamma rays, neutrinos, and other forms of cosmic radiation. According to plaintiffs, the problem started immediately after they had complained to authorities about the disproportionately tangled shape of the Galactic magnetic field. Government agencies were fast to express dismay and sympathy for the victims, but none were willing to accept responsibility, and it seems they are playing a cynical game of administrative football with neutrino sufferers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on national governments to provide financial backing for the network of Muslim self-help groups, twelve-step healing programs, and training camps, creating an environment that is more supportive and empowering for sufferers of Offended Muslim Syndrome (OMS).

"Being a Muslim today means to be always aware that something, somewhere, is somehow offensive to Islam," said a report issued by WHO, a specialized agency of the UN that acts as a coordinating authority on international public health. "It is a shame to see the wealthiest nations of the world stingily hold on to their pockets in the face of the largest epidemic of reality-induced psychological disorder in human history."

The WHO report provides a list of symptoms of the Offended Muslim Syndrome, suggesting that the condition be officially recognized as a disability, with the ensuing costs covered by Western governments. The report also includes advice and recommendations by leading UN-affiliated health professionals:

Symptoms of Offended Muslim Syndrome (OMS)

  • Irritability, agitation, anxiety at the sight of women who are not fully covered
  • Prolonged rage or unexplained killing sprees
  • Significant changes in immigration patterns
  • Brooding about the past glory of the Caliphate
  • Decreased effectiveness and minimal work productivity
  • Difficulty in understanding new information without a trial lawyer
  • Feelings of despair or hopelessness about the existence of Israel
  • Recurring thoughts of death to the infidels

In order to guard against OMS, health officials warn individuals who are at risk to make sure that the objective reality they are exposed to does not:

  • Make them aware of the outside world
  • Trigger curiosity about the Western notions of "logic" or "rationality"
  • Make life more enjoyable
  • Cause them to question the need for martyrdom
  • Have side effects such as independent thinking and longing to live as a productive individual
  • Create an illusion that communication with infidels is possible without hostage-taking

Spontaneously developed methods and techniques are already in place to help OMS sufferers: the Paris Youth Group, the Gaza System, the Beirut Procedure, and, of course, the Zawahiri Method - an easy-to-learn, do-it-yourself way to eliminate anxiety whenever you find anything offensive, by removing any negative thought or feeling below the neck of the offending party.

This method has proven to be particularly effective in breaking the patterns of thought and behavior among non-Muslims, whose very existence is suspected to be the leading cause of pain of anxiety afflicting the Muslim world.

Suicide bombers for sale in Pakistan!


Yet more evidence of the Glory, Wonder and Majesty of Islam. Now for a small fee, you can buy yourself your very own Suicide Bomber! That's right! Allah be Praised! I was thinking of getting one as a stocking stuffer for the kids, however, the mail and frieght charges were pretty high, so I had to go for the lower priced sectarian executioner. 

A Muslim can dream can't he? 


ISLAMABAD: Suicide bombers are available for a price in Pakistan to settle personal scores, a police investigation into the killing of a parliamentarian has revealed. 

On Tuesday, the Crimes Investigation Department of the Lahore police said it had arrested five people involved in the Aug 6 suicide attack at the residence of Rashid Akbar Niwani, a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) member of the National Assembly, which resulted in the death of 26 people and injuries to several more. 

Niwani was only playing the honest broker between two friends who had fallen out over a monetary dispute, the police said. 

Quoting the police, Dawn reported on Wednesday that principal suspect Waqas Hussain and his accomplices Nazar Hussain, Arif Khan, Muhammad Amjad and Saeed Amjad Abbas hired a suicide bomber and explosives expert from Wana town in the restive South Waziristan to kill a man named Ejaz Hussain, with whom he had a monetary dispute. 

Waqas Hussain and Ejaz Hussain were one-time fast friends. Waqas started a used-car business after borrowing Rs.2.1 million from Ejaz but could not establish himself and began to suffer losses. He handed over seven vehicles to Ejaz at different times to return the borrowed money, but Ejaz demanded another Rs.5.4 million, the police said. 

A dispute developed and both had cases registered against each other. 

Ejaz finally took the dispute to Niwani and asked him to settle it. Niwani called both parties to his outhouse in the presence of local notables, listened to them and announced another sitting for Aug 6. 

"Waqas and his father Nazar Hussain went to their relative Arif Khan in Dera Ismail Khan (in the adjacent North West Frontier Province) and informed him about the situation. They decided to kill Ejaz in a suicide attack and Arif asked them to arrange money for the purpose," Dawn said. 

Waqas, Nazar and Arif then went to Tank, also in the North West Frontier Province, where they met Wana resident Jaan Muhammad Wazeer and agreed to pay him Rs.1.2 million for the killing. 

A day before the Aug 6 suicide attack, Jaan handed over the suicide bomber and an explosives expert to Arif. The bomber and explosives expert were later handed over to Waqas. 

On the day of incident, Waqas confirmed that Ejaz was present at Niwani's house and took the suicide bomber there. The bomber blew himself up near Ejaz, killing him, Niwani and 24 others.

Monday, December 22, 2008



Yet more lies spread by Leftist / infidel Media about how yet Gaza is being Oppressed back to the Stone Age. 

This is patently FALSE! 

If you would believe the Times, and their endless moaning about the "grave" humanitarian crisis in Gaza you could come to the conclusion that Muslims were not inherently the most intelligent humans on the earth!  

Case in Point. Last week's Times Article is entitle: "Gaza families eat grass as Israel locks border" And moans on about how Muslims are not able to east because of the Zionists (of course the fail to mention the thousands of tunnels, but that is for another post).  

If you compare the photos taken last week by the AP at the same time, (as the Muslims in Gaza celebrating Eid al-Adha), you can see the truth of the matter.  

These lies are spread to undercut the clear feelings of superiority  Muslims rightly have over all other people.  

Be this a lesson and a warning!   

Never trust the infidel! 

And remember the wise words of Allah in this matter.  

"O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." 

Allah likes Amusment Parks for the faithful!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The FATWA Chronicles (Part V): Beardless Youth Urges!


Yet another Priceless FATWA produced at Islamic Q  & A, where All questions and answers  have been prepared, approved, revised, edited, amended or annotated by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid. Drink in the Glory of Islam once again with this utterly compelling use of religious talent. 


"I have the problem of being attracted to beardless youths and I have no desire for women. The reason for this may be a bad experience that I had in childhood. I try to be patient as much as I can. I lower my gaze and I know that this is haraam, and I do not regard it as permissible. 

...I ask Allaah for forgiveness and I pray “O Allaah, purify my heart and keep me chaste.” I do not think that marriage is a solution for me, because I have no desire for women. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. But this is still in my heart. What should I do? Is there anything that will compensate me in Paradise? I ask Allaah to forgive me if there is any transgression in my question."

To see the incredible answer, please visit Islamic Q & A and receive the divine understanding that Islam has over all things! 


Allah knows beardless youth urges !