Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Religion of Peace: Multiple Moslem Clerics Praise Allah for the Holocaust!

As we all know, Islam is the Religion of Peace and Tolerance. That love and brotherhood is stressed for all peoples' of the world is without question.

I direct you to a montage video of MANY different Moslem clerics, SQUEALING in Islamic delight, and PRAISING ALLAH, whilst watching footage of concentration / death camp victims from WWII.

With the usual poise and dignity Moslems carry themselves with, they proclaim:

"...This is what we hope will happen [ Jews ] again, but, Allah willing, at the Hand of the Muslims!..


...Yes, Praise Allah, look at the humiliation of the Jew, .... Look at all the bodies... Praise Allah!..."

Yet another example of the Tolerance radiating from Islam and a most thourogh presentation of LEADERS of the Religion of Peace

Friday, December 4, 2009

Who is it that Muslims are Praying to All the Time?

When a Muhammadan rises from his Friday Prayer and is filled with hate and is thirsty for the blood of Infidels, was said Moslem speaking to God or was he in fact speaking to the Devil?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jihad Down Under!

A cleric in Australia collects welfare for 19 years while plotting to kill his benefactors. Can you guess his religion?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Holy Islamic Practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

I have read, more than several times --- mostly from Western (so-called) feminists, wrongly decrying the HOLY Islamic practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Even worse, I have read posts by Muslims that pretend that this has nothing to do with Islam.

Now, let us look at the facts:

As we know, Muhammad issued a blanket prohibition FOR ALL TIME against:

1) eating pork
2) drinking alcohol. (etc...)

Thus, Muslims do not eat pork or drink alcohol.

Even the Prophet’s dislike for dogs has been translated into these animals becoming unclean in the eyes of believers.

However, HE DID NOT forbid female genital mutilation.

Instead he encouraged his followers not to perform the most radical form of mutilation (infibulation) [– this would be type III in this diagram-] ……telling them in his sunna not to “overdo it.”

Book 41, Number 5251:Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah:

"…When you circumcise then do not cut severely, since that is better for her and more pleasing to the husband." (Reported by Abu Dawud and Al-Baihaqee and declared Hasan by Shaikh Al-Albani)…”

"Better for the woman and more pleasing for the husband" and that it is "Better of the face and more pleasing to the husband." (Reported by Al-Baihaqee)

Thus we Muslims have the practice known as “sunna circumcision.”

Today, Muhammad’s statements (sunna) continue to be cited in support of this most Islamic of traditions. According to the shafi school of Islamic law, which is followed by Somalis (among others), it is an obligation to “circumcise” girls for their own good.

For another look at the previous hadiths, as well as the following quotes, please see the Islamic website “The Muslim Woman..” --- at the following address:

At this site, you will find among other things, the justification, by Muslim WOMEN, of FGM as it practiced on Muslim women.

"…A further benefit that is apparent for women and more so for their husbands, is that women of hot climates often have a large clitoris which arouses their desires when it rubs against the adjacent clothing.
It may even grow to such a size that sexual intercourse is not possible. Therefore, circumcision reduces her desires and their effects in the first case, and makes intercourse possible in the second case...”

In Islam, FGM is among the most beneficial procedures a Muslim woman can undergo.

As we can see from another well respected Islamic site: Islam online, where the renowned Muslim scholar and Sheik Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, (who is the "spiritual leader" of the Muslim Brotherhood (the largest Muslim organization in the world with umbrella groups like Hamas and the Council of American Islamic Relations -CAIR) explains why he would personally mutilate the genitals of his daughters:

“…whoever finds it serving the interest of his daughters should do it, and I personally support this under the current circumstances in the modern world…”

Thus, as we know, 97% of Egyptian women (and in some areas 99% of Muslim women) have been lucky enough to have their genitals mutilated as stipulated by the beloved Prophet of Islam.

And from the following article, you can see that Muslims stand behind this most Islamic of practices, and wonder how on earth infidels could be upset by the fact a 4 year old girl, while having her clitoris chopped off, and subsequently died is anything other than “…the will of Allah…”…?

[ …Egyptians Stand By Female Circumcision…]

For any of you that wish to see the work of Islam in maintaining the dignity of Muslim women, please see the link.
(CAUTION: Not for those that are squeamish or offended by the GLORY of Islam).

Those that still are trying to besmirch the good name of Islam with lies, may also be interested in the opinions of the Muslim women themselves (with regards to FGM as practiced in Egypt where 97% of women have undergone this holy Islamic proceedure).


Partial Transcript:

Female villager:
Circumcision is part of the Sunna of the Prophet.We used to bring a daya, and she would circumcise the children, but when the role of the daya was abolished, we stopped. Now we take our children to the doctor, and he circumcises them.


Female villager:
Yes. If a girl is not circumcised, she can't stand it.When she is circumcised, she is calm and has self-restraint. The circumcision protects the girl and makes her calm.


So you think all women should be circumcised to protect their honor?

Female villager:
The Prophet said that the men go and wage Jihad for a year. He said that girls should be circumcised so they can bear it for a whole year until the men return.

Thus, can one really say that Islam and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad really have nothing to do with this practice?

How can one say that Islam doesn't endorse this practice, where the spiritual leader of the largest Islamic organisation on the planet says that it does, the women with mulitlated genitals also say that it does, as does the Apostle of Allah himself?

After reading this, I am sure many of our female friends in the lands of the infidel, will understand the error of their ways and will be lining up to have this most Islamic of procedures done, to follow the JUSTICE that Islam provides women.

Allah knows best.

Muslim Man on Muslim Boy Love

This subject is close to the hearts of many Muslims, and so, I feel it is my responsiblity to explain what is acceptable in an Islamic context of man on boy love.

First let us begin with the ETERNAL promises of Allah as provided by the Messenger:
Quran 52:24

"..Round about them will serve, (devoted) to them, young male servants (handsome) as Pearls well-guarded..."
Also in Surah 76:19 Allah promises fresh youths to Muslim men:
"...And round about them shall go youths never altering in age; when you see them you will think them to be scattered pearls..."
Before we begin, you have to understand is that Western, man-made legal systems, (that have no basis in truth, because they are not sanctioned by Allah), put all the stress on the protection of the weaker members of the society, especially women and children. However, this is the first fallacy of man-made laws.

Infidels put stress on on protecting those that cannot wage Jihad, and have little use to Allah other than making babies and serving Muslim men.

Whereas in the case of the Islamic legal system it is the opposite. Allah has rightfully created the Islamic legal system (Sharia) to benefit those that fight in his name, namely Sharia is in the service of strong virile, productive men. Allah is merciful as he is gernerous in bestowing rights and the bounty of pleasures for those that fight in his Jihad.

In the verses about the beautiful youth of paradise, he nurtured in Muslims, a liking for sodomizing young boys. (see the Quranic quotes at the top of this post). All Muslims know that homosexuality is forbidden, however, we also know that this infraction is less serious than fornication with an unwed girl.

As you see Allah likened the young boys to pearls, in the same way as he did with Houris, pearl in Arabic poetry is a feminine sexual symbol. Islam considers boys and women as of the same gender hence a woman is considered a minor all her life in Islam (first she is the property of her father, then, her husband, and finally her son).

A woman is never considered an "adult" in the Western sense. Thus the confusion. However the feminine status of a boy is temporary and it ends with growing a beard. Islam does not consider it as sexual abuse but rather a mere PLAY as described in the following hadeeth, narrated by Bukhari.

What you must understand is the mercy of Allah and his Messenger, because if a Muslim man sodomizes a young boy, is not permitted to marry his mother. See this hadith at: The Sahih Collection of al-Bukhari - Book of Marriage - SunniPath ...
"...As for whom ever plays with a boy: if there is full penetration, then he shall not marry his mother..."
With the JUSTICE that Islam affords, I think it is pretty clear that no crime in the eyes of Allah has been committed, but the pleasure that a brave Muslim warrior has received from a young boy is the will of Allah! Look to the famous Islamic scholar and Jurist Imam ibn al-Jawzi (died 1200) said boldly : "He who claims that he experiences no sexual desire when looking at beautiful young boys is a liar."

Indeed, this pederasty is a practice that has been in place for 1400 years with Allah's blessing. However, you will see that there are Western forces out to malign and insult Islam, and in the endless oppression, infidels are trying to put an end to that which Allah has permitted.

Recently, in Pakistan there were over 500 cases of Islamic man on boy love "reported" (probably by Apostate Muslims and their co-conspirators Westerners) in Islamic schools, and this was revealed by Aamer Liaquat Hussain, a minister in the religious affairs Pakistani Minister. This is on top of the 2000 reports last year. (Thankfully, no pious Islamic brother has been successfully prosecuted by these man-made laws). Rightfully, this slanderer of Islam and the practices of the Messenger and that which Allah has made halal, has received death threats from clerics, and infuriated some religious political leaders.

Moreover, Islamic leaders recently at a parliamentary meeting, have demanded he apologize for insulting Islam!
Thus, we can see with the endless evidence found both in the holy texts of Islam and the religious convictions of those in positions of power within the Islamic society.

If there is no beard. It is not a man. Therefore it is not homosexuality, and totally within the rights of a Muslim man to take little boys, sodomize them and use them in the manner that Allah has pre-ordained.

Praise Allah!

Muslim Pilgrims at Mecca: There is no God but Allah, and America is the ENEMY of Allah!

I shed tears of Islamic JOY when I beheld the following video.

Tens of thousands of Muslims, being lead by a most learned of Imams, working on their inter-faith communication while at the same giving yet again, another demonstration of the RELIGION of PEACE, and the
tolerance that is imbued and proclaimed by Muslims.

Remember brothers, this is the most IMPORTANT of Islamic Duties. As well, lest we forget, that this is a sacred and holy day for Muslims.

The Hajj is a once in a life time event.

I for one, am glad to see the
Religion of Peace doing such a good job at enhancing Muslims choir abilities:


Muslims on the Left, everyone chant "... America is the ENEMY of Islam!.."

Muslims on the right, everyone chant "... Israel is the ENEMY of Islam!..."

(actually, no - joke.....)

----- the question I have to ask is this:

Are their any other Muslims that are weeping tears of Islamic joy at this most Islamic of spectacles, during the Hajj at the centre of Mecca?

Praise the

Allah knows best.

Maintaining Discipline in an Islamic Home

I see many Muslims squirm over the relatively straightforward Qur'an verse (4:34) (beating a Muslim wife into submission) when talking to Westerners about Islam.

I think that disciplining of women (or lack thereof) is one of the main reasons for the social decay that the West finds itself in.

So this topic should be of interest to Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

The Question is:

Does Islam permit a man to hit his wife?

Of course, ….. But only if she doesn't do what she is told.

The beating must cease if the woman complies with her husband's demands.
Beating is also intended to be the last resort, behind verbal abuse and abandonment.

Muhammad, himself, is recorded as physically disciplining his favorite wife (from her own testimony) the child Aisha. It is not known how he treated his less-favored wives.

According to Sharia,
a husband may strike his wife for any one of the following four reasons:

- She does not attempt to make herself beautiful for him (i.e. "let's herself go")
- She refuses to meet his sexual demands
- She leaves the house without his permission or a "legitimate reason"
- She neglects her religious duties

Any of these are also sufficient grounds for divorce.

In fact, there are even some radicals that are unhappy with the newest, and most Islamic of laws that has been passed in Afghanistan that will allow a Muslim man to assert his sexual rights over his wife.

In that, if a wife refuses sex with her husband, he may first beat her into submission. If that doesn’t work, he may then starve her.

“…Law will let Afghan husbands starve wives who withhold sex..”

Thankfully, we know
that 90% of women in Afghanistan are lucky enough to have husbands that understand Allah’s laws and beat them into submission regularly, so the need to starve Muslim women on a large scale is probably not necessary:

In fact, according to the most learned of Islamic scholars, they all agree, that beating ones’ wife for withholding sex is not only allowed but encouraged (to help correct her rebellious behavior).

Let us look to the wise words of Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, who runs the renowned and trusted site:
Islamic Question and Answers (Islam Q & A).

At this site you will find his and other well known imams FATWAS on almost any question you may have as it pertains to Islam. However, the FATWA we are interested in, is in relation to beating a Muslim wife (or FEMALE SEX SLAVE) who does not submit to her Husband’s sexual demands.

Praise Allah! Another voice of Islamic reason when it comes to the duties of a husband to beat his errant wife, and the obligation for wives to submit to male domination.

In fact, this is also echoed by famed
Australian Cleric Samir Abu Hamza, who aspouses the ETERNAL WILL of Allah, and prounces that it is :

OK to Beat Your Wife and Force Her to Have Sex!

Now, we must look at what is appropriate in terms of disciplining ones’ wife. (In the following post, I will give examples and information from scholars, imams, professors and religious authorities from throughout the Islamic world on this most important of topics.)

As stated, one must avoid the face, what could be the solution? The breasts of a woman / or girl are as tender as the testicles of a man, and even a light beating on the breasts, (especially the nipples), can be quite painful and is good for correcting a woman who has been disobedient.

When one does not know how to punish his wife, the clear answer is to follow the example of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), as he used this form of discipline with his child bride Aisha (his most beloved) on her breasts when she was about nine years of age.
( Muslim (4:2127) )

However, we must always remember the mercy that the Prophet Muhammed has provided believers when we consult the authentic hadiths:

In fact, with the Wisdom of Mohammad, Muslims know that if you flog (whip) your wife like a slave, you should wait for a day before having sexual intercourse with her.
(SAHIH BUKHARI Volume 7, Number 132)

Also when in doubt, I recommend electrical cables as they are a tried and tested implement of Islamic discipline.

For more information on the culture of the electrical cable (as a tool for disciplining a Muslim wife), please see the following video.

In it, a radical woman is trying to argue against the DIVINE judgment of Allah and is explaining the findings of her Study into Islamic wife beating in five Muslims countries (and in each of those countries, seven random sample areas).

What she found, she has dubbed
“ The Culture of the Electric Cable" ---as this was, throughout the Islamic world, the overwhelmingly preferred instrument of wife discipline by Muslim men.

Indeed, when following the laws of Islam the maintaining order in a Muslim home can usually be accomplished with physical discipline, however it is good to understand the obligations of a Muslim husband to correct the bad behavior of his wife.

In fact, maintaining discipline of one’s wife is very important, and there is no time when a Muslim man should allow himself to be negligent or lazy in this duty.

Thus, I am happy to report, that even women who are pregnant are not exempt from Allah’s ETERNAL will. And thankfully, the believers in Pakistan are showing their mercy by correcting their pregnant wives attitudes and behavior:

(1 million Pakistani women abused during pregnancy:
Expert LAHORE: Annually an estimated one million pregnant Pakistani women are
physically abused at least once during pregnancy by their partners.)

We know, according to the authentic hadiths, that according to the Prophet Muhammad, women are equal (in destroying a man's prayer) as a dog or a donkey.
(Volume 1, Book 9, Number 490: Sahih Bukhari )

And any sane person knows that you must discipline dogs and donkeys, so why not your wives? This is what so-called Western “feminists” don’t seem to understand, and why they are most in need of Islamic discipline to correct their errant and poisonous opinions.

What these so-called “feminists” should do is educate themselves in Islam and understand their place in society. In fact, the information on their status in Islam, according to Allah has already been fully investigated by scholars and imams who know Allah’s ETERNAL plan for woman and their submission.

This was recently codified by
The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in Pakistan.
The CII has declared the term ‘gender equality’, used in Section 7(a) of the National Commission for Status of Women Ordinance of 2000, ‘vague and un-Islamic’ and called for its repeal!

. I hope this post has been instructional for Muslims’ and Infidels (soon to be Muslim wone way or another) as well.

Also, Muslims please feel free to leave any useful information or tips, or instruments have you found work in maintain discipline of your wives.

I am sure that Muslim and Infidels alike are SATISFIED by the JUSTICE that is Islam and will strive to Beat their wives in the manner similar to that of the Apostle (or take their beating in the manner of the CHILD BRIDE Aisha).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Burqa Barbie! Praise Allah!

Now that Muslims have encroached upon every facet of infidel culture, society and laws, it is my proud and distingushed pleasure to announce the new, and halal version of Barbie.... wearing the ETERNAL fashion as mandated by Allah ---- the BURQA!

(please see here)

Praise Allah!

With this new Moslem Barbie, it is only a matter of time until Muslims conqure Rome!

This is a critical junction for Muslims, because if you can get the children young, you can inculcate them with the peace and JUSTICE of Islam.

Regardless of this great new development, I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed that they are not being sold in a box set of 4 wives (to serve their husband Ken-ibn-Mohammad), as well, I do not see any accessories in which to beat them into subservience.

Also, any real Muslim would find offence to the colorfulness of the burqa's as they are worn by Barbie.

However, this is just a rallying cry for Muslims everywhere to protest, riot and cause holy violence until the maker (Mattel), provides miswaks and electrical cables to beat the new toys with, as well as to subdue the colours and make them more in line with the fashion requirements of the creator of the universe: Allah!

I think a new FATWA is brewing in the Muslim world to demand this insult (not providing the implements of Islamic discipline) against Allah be retracted!

Praise Allah!

Great Virtues of Allah's Apostle (Part I)

As Muslims all know, the Apostle's example is to be emulated, as he was the perfect man.

I would like to start a new series examining the Great Virtures of Allah's Messenger. In these posts, I will regal Muslims with the GLORIOUS deeds and actions or the perfect man.

I will kick us off here with this beautiful example of Allah's Apostle in Action:

First Virtue to GLORIFY was the Apostle: SELF CONTROL

Allah’s Apostle had excellent control on himself. He could fondle any of his wives then walk away...

Bukhari,Volume 1, Book 6, Number 299:
Narrated 'Abdur-Rahman bin Al-Aswad:

(on the authority of his father) 'Aisha said: "Whenever Allah's Apostle wanted to fondle anyone of us during her periods (menses), he used to order her to put on an Izar and start fondling her." 'Aisha added, "None of you could control his sexual desires as the Prophet could."

Bukhar, iVolume 1, Book 6, Number 300:
Narrated Maimuna:

When ever Allah's Apostle wanted to fondle any of his wives during the periods (menses), he used to ask her to wear an Izar.

The Second Virtue of the Apostle of Allah to be considered was his ability of: SELF SACRIFICE

Once Apostle of God took a gorgeous young slave girl from a jihadi (who was given as booty to him by Abu Bakr after a raid on tribe Fazara), and instead of disrobing and enjoying this irresistible girl (described as prettiest in Arabia ) himself, he used her as ransom for imprisoned jihadis.

Narrated Ibn Muhairiz: Muslim Book 019, Number 4345:

Among captured women was a woman from Banu Fazara. She was wearing a leather coat. With her was her daughter who was one of the PRETTIEST GIRLS IN ARABIA. Abu Bakr bestowed that girl upon me as a prize. So we arrived in Medina .

I met prophet in the Medina street who said: Give me that girl, O Salama. I said: Messenger of Allah, she has fascinated me. I had not yet disrobed her. When on the next day. the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) again met me in the street, he said: O Salama, give me that girl, may God bless your father. I said: She is for you. Messenger of Allah! By Allah. I have not yet disrobed her. The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) SENT HER TO THE PEOPLE OF MECCA AND SURRENDERED HER AS RANSOM FOR A NUMBER OF MUSLIMS WHO HAD BEEN KEPT AS PRISONERS AT MECCA.

All Muslims must see the GLORIOUS nature of the Apostle's self control, and his SELF SACRIFICING nature and witness the Miracle of Islam.

Friday, November 20, 2009

22,000 Pakistanis Killed by Islam in the Past few years..

Pakistan is really enjoying the fruit of the Religion of Peace.

Where, in this Islamic paradise both sides (or is there three?) are all killing each other in the name of Allah and the bodies are piling up.

I wonder, when murdering in the name of Islam, which group of Allah Akbar chanting Muslims does Allah listen to?

The group that shouts the loudest?

The group that has the longest beards?

What exactly is Allah's criteria for support, when both are squealing his name during their holy acts of Islamic murder and Jihad?

The Fruits of Islam!

Muslims need to be upfront with the infidels and come to terms with the uncomfortable truth (for some) that Islam just isn't another religion that benignly promotes peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.

Mohammad was no Buddha.

Are there no other Muslims here that are tired of having to repeat the mantra that "Islam a Religion of Peace" (for the benefit of the kuffer)--- when we all know that this is absurd.

Social norms vary from culture to culture, and while Female Genital Mutilation, honour killings, suicide bombing, beheading, Jihad, burqas, man/child marriage, may deviate from kuffer social conventions, they are in strict accordance with the social conventions of many Muslim nations.

In fact they are are most precious values.
We must be proud of our values.

When the second and third wives of Mujahadeen (in burqas) are extolling the Liberty and JUSTICE of Islam. Can we really believe anything different?

Thus, as Muslims, we must be proud of the mayhem that Islam brings to the world through Jihad!

Look to the fruits that Islam bestows Muslim countries :

economic vibrancy,
literary achievements,
social equality,
the protection of minority rights,
cultural triumphs,
scientific breakthroughs,
artistic expression,
technological prowess,
gender equality,
space programs that make NASA look like kids play
liberty without compare,

....and the social peace that all Muslims enjoy whilst living in Islamic paradises like Pakistan, the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Somalia amongst others.

Can anyone really deny the GLORY of Allah or the wonderful societies that Islam creates?

I think not!

Praise Allah!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

John Lennon was a Muslim

I have come across what could possibly be the most beautiful piece of music ever composed.
As we know, music is forbidden to Muslims (as is sports, laughter, dancing, art, television, schooling girls, etc... and pretty much anything other than banging your head on the floor while praising Allah 25 hours a day!)

However, just this once I can make an exception based on the beauty of the message contained in this song.

I have transcribed the lyrics for the video below, for any Muslim that would like to sing along.

Muslim's Imagine

Imagine there's no Christians,
Its easy if you try,
No Pope
No George Bush.
Infidels will die.

Imagine all the Muslims
Ruling all the world

Imagine there's no America
This isn't hard to do
No one to kill or blow up
and no Hebrew too

Imagine all the Muslims
Living life in peace?

I have issued this FATWA
and I am not the only one

By the sword you'll join us
and the world will live as one

Imagine no infidels
I'm sure it will be true
No kidnap no beheadings

Got rid of all the Jews
Imagine all the Muslims
Ruling all the world

I have issued this FATWA
but I'm not the only one
and by the sword you'll join us
and the world will live as one.

(..... oh what beautiful thoughts).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Islam: The Religion of Peace and Tolerance

I think it is safe to say that Islam, the Religion of Peace, is beyond reproach in the tolerance that it teaches and the peaceful believers that it produces!

Please Feast your Eyes Upon the Fruit of Islam and the Tolerance that our Beloved Religion has brought to the World:


The Religion of Tolerance: Saudi Professor Calls for "Positive Hatred" of Christians

Former Jordanian Minister of Religious Endowments Explains the Islamic Science behind the Annihilation of Jews on Judgment Day

Cleric: Educating Jihad & World Conquest - Not Enough

Egyptian Imam Sings About Annihilation of Jewish Apes/Pigs

Professor Says Jews in One Place for Easy Killing

Muslim mother celebrates sons murder of 5 teens


Syrian Official: "Jews are apes and pigs"

Sheik Says OK for Men to Kill Cheater Wives but not Reversed:

Saudi Cleric Praises Islamic Limb Amputation

Children of the Future Jihad

Egyptian Sheik: "Muslims Must Confront Non-Muslims in Jihad

Palestinian Sheik: "Islam Will Rule U.S/U.K, Jew are Human AIDS (HIV)

Infidels are Guilty and deserve Death


After this small sampling of Tolerance that Islam produces, can anyone really question the beauty, peace, tranquility and tolerance that The Religion of Peace instills in Muslims?

I think all Muslims must take PRIDE in the application of Allah's ETERNAL laws and the GLORY that Islam creates?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Praise Allah! The Islamic World is the Worst Place to Be a Woman!

I just want to commend all of you, in the Ummah for following the strict guidance as found in the Noble Quran of the almighty Allah!

By subduing and cloistering our Muslims sisters, we have followed Allah's ETERNAL will and have created the most unequal gendered societies on Earth (by following the words and deeds of the Apostle).

This included such major nations as Pakistan (ranked 132 out of 134), Saudi Arabia (ranked 130 out of 134), Iran (ranked 128 out of 134), Egypt (ranked 126 out of 134), and Turkey (ranked 129 out 134). Yemen, which is 99 percent Islamic, was the bottom ranked nation as 134 on the Global Gender Gap Index.


Without which, we as Muslims would not forever be at the bottom of every list of civilized behaviour!

Allahu Akbar!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The HOLY Islamic Ass Bomb (Part II)

Having Already Regaled Muslims with the GLORY of the NEW and Fantastic ASS BOMB (see here:)

We now have a very Useful and instructional video that can be used by Muslims everywhere in their HOLY ISLAMIC desire to become a Martyr of Allah while enjoying the sheer delight of the Islamic ASS BOMB, or as some like to call it.... the HOLY Islamic BUTT BOMB.

Please see this most important of Islamic videos:

Ass-Sahab and Purple Jihad present
Al-Qaeda Training Video

What do Holy Islamic Martyrs Have to Say about Allah's 72 Virgins?

There have been lies and propaganda spread with regards to the GLORY that Allah bequeaths Islamic Martyrs.

Please, review the following videos, in the words of the martyrs themselves when it comes to their just reward of virgins in paradise:

72 virgins in heaven

Do Muslims really believe that they will receive 72 virgins from Allah in heaven if they blow themselves up among infidel women and children ?

Please see this video, in the martyrs own

Martyr : "They are black-eyed virgins ready for you"

Egyptian Clerics Encourage Martyrdom in Gaza: 'We Must Love Death'; There Are Black-Eyed Virgins Ready For You'; We Must Teach Our Children to... Hate the Jews'

Following are excerpts from addresses by several Egyptian clerics on the subject of martyrdom and love of death. The programs aired on Al-Rahma TV and Al-Nas TV on January 2, 8, and 11, 2009.

Remember the veneration and respect that the Islamic Martyr who is glowing in the the grandeur as bequeathed by the all merciful Allah.

To say otherwise, is a slap in the face to the thousands upon thousand upon thousands of Muslims that willingly detonate their bodies in crowded market places for Allah and Islam.

The martyrs in their own words speaking about the reward of virgins and their zeal for killing infidels would bring a tear of joy to the eyes of any believing Muslim.

I am glad to see that your ignorance of practicing Muslims does not contradict these glorious fighters of Allah!

Praise Allah. Praise his gift of virgins to martyrs. Praise Islam for bringing this wonderful practice to humanity.

Allahu Akbar!