Monday, February 23, 2009

Take Pride in Uncontrolled Immigration and the Benifits it brings to the UK!

I can go on an on about the clear benifits of uncontrolled immigration.

Just more evidence of the "success" of rampant muslim immigration and multiculturalism in Great Britain - knife crime and murders are becoming commonplace - causing Great Britain to now be considered one of the "knife crime capitals" of the developed world.

Even more glorious is that fact that the numbers of knife crimes committed in Britain are far greater than government statistics.


With the encouragment and protection of the Government, Somalian immigrants, coming into the UK, are also importing terrorism as per this recent article. 


The UK's original population – what we call for brevity’s sake “Whites” -- has given away the keys to its own home, and delights in being plundered. 

The millions that have converted to the Mulitcultural cult have simply opted out of the examined life in order to live in a Kumbaya haze of “social justice,” “racial justice,” “gender parity,” “GLBT empowerment,” “Global Warming,”..

Can anyone even pretend that there is a Future for England?


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Anonymous said...

muslims and their beliefs are stuck in the 7th century. you have not evolved to the same stage as westerners. you continue to be barbaric, simple people.
how could a god want a world that is totally violent? when you are not killing westerners you are killing yourselves.
of course this is all due to being brainwashed since birth and reinforced 5 times a day.
only someone completely unintelligent or brainwashed would consider islam ok.
what do muslims positively bring to the world?
all you do is demand and take, take, take. always getting offended too. you must all be delicate little flowers i think.
you bring honour killings, female genital mutilation, child marriage, rape and control of females.
how can a sensible person think those things are fine.
arabs are naturally aggressive so islam appeals to them. of course they also want control of half the world's population too, so women have no say at all.
the new recruits you get in western countries are the dregs in our society. violent, disgusting people who fit right into islam.
you will not win, there is no way you can win. more and more westerners are waking up to the fact that their kindness and tolerance are their achilles heel.
i see muslims love referencing how bad christians were centuries ago. you are correct, they were. the difference is that they evolved over the years to be decent people in general.
no we are not all promiscuous either, or all take drugs. you seem to believe we are all the same.
is there no kindness in the west?
as countries we are constantly giving aid, be it money, food or expertise.
individuals give as well to people they have never met, its called being a proper human being.
many of us give our time and volunteer on a regular basis.
we even aid muslim countries.
yes we do bad thing at times, but most of us don't. we try to protect the weak which you don't.
we have empathy as well.
so don't get all 'superior' and claim our society is bad and godless. you are full of yourselves. you are nasty people. god you don't even feel love of your own children in the same way, except when you are molesting them of course.
you'd rather kill them, well the females, if they get a little westernized and start to think for is more shameful to kill your own child. you just do not know right from wrong.
i know you are petrified of women, aren't you? scared they may start having their own opinions about things, especially themselves.
because once they do start feeling confident about themselves you know they will realize what fuckers muslim men are. thats what you are frightened of the most aren't you? mohammad was the same. islam is purely a masculine movement, it is a male's fantasy.
you can rape, marry children, molest boys, divorce very easily, have many wives. and of course you can hit the wive too.
you cannot be born a religion. a person should be able to make up their own mind.
why people cannot see that threatening someone with death if they don't convert to islam, or if they wish to leave islam, is wrong, then you are very stupid indeed.
you cannot see raping a girl child is wrong, or cutting her clitoris off because you are scared she may enjoy sex, then you are retarded.
even the virgins in paradise thing, only a man could come up with that one. it is so obvious it is made up by a man, for men, you are all blind.
you are stuck in the past and you always will be. you are disgusting people, criminals. you have no gratitude or empathy whatsoever. i know i am not perfect, nor my society. however we are all better than you all. the sad thing is you cannot see how stuffed your totalitarian political movement you call a religion is.
you are simple not allowed to think for yourselves, ever. brainwashed into becoming disgusting, perverted, controlling, murderous people. why you believe in the koran when it is intolerant of everyone else,is beyond me. it was made up by mad men and you are all too foolish to recognize the fact.
let there be fighting in the streets!