Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Camels and White People who REVERT to the GLORY OF Islam!

Sorry for my long absence, however, I was chaperoning my herd around the peninsula.

In doing so, I also took advantage of some time between my daily prayers and entered my most prized girls (some of my donkeys too) in a few of the numerous camel beauty contests: (here)

(Please see a photo of my prize camel!)

A camel, that all Moslem men, who behold her beauty, instantly melt in a torrent of carnal Ecstasy! Even better, Allah's Little Helper (my prize winning camel) and I have very good news in terms of the GLORY that is Islam!


As we all know, Moslems, endlessly consider it a badge of proof that some Western people embrace Islam and we have all heard these Moselms (of a singular wit) crow high and loud.

That being the case, I would also like to add to the mounting evidence of Western-cum-Moslems, and would like you all to pay close attention to the shear intelligence that it takes to come to the light of Allah and Islam:

Yet another white woman reverts to Islam:

Indeed, this is just a drop in the ocean of Islam, even more GLORY is available to behold on the quality of Moslem converts (reverts): German convert to Islam

Praise Allah for Allah's Little Helper's win!

And praise Allah for welcoming into the fold Moslems of such obvious intelligence!

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