Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christian Fundamentalists and Sharia

There is a group on Facebook that pretends that it is an anti-Sharia group (that advocates the elimination of Allah's laws in the West. However, upon closer inspection this group is home to Christian Fundamentalists that would make Islamists blush.

Their approach to saving the West is to pray for the "rapture" (note: see Left Behind series with cira 1988 teen heart-throb Kirk Cameron).

Muslims must thank Allah that the foes of Islam are this incompetent and have basically divorced from reality!

I urge each and every person who reads this to visit this group. Learn the lessons of the leaders (once on you will see the same people over and over and over again) that social progress and the fight against Islamism can only come about by praying to another invisible deity!

Praise Islam!