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Islam in Sweden

Muslim Immigration Destroying Sweden

Malmo, Sweden has been overrun by Islam.
Muslims refuse to integrate into Swedish society while they live off of and deplete the system. They intimidate the police, Swedish citizens.. they even threw rocks at firefighters who were trying to put out a fire set to their mosque!

Goodbye Sweden

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Road to Skandanistan

Family Security Matter
February 21, 2012

The Road to Skandanistan

One shouldn’t wonder much about why Norway, Sweden, and Demark are willing to submit, like "Britainistan," without so much as an audible whimper, to their steady Islamization, to their becoming de facto departments of a growing international caliphate. All three countries are welfare states that welcomed Muslim immigrants by the planeload over the decades to perform the work which entitlement-obsessed and welfare benefits-seduced Scandinavians no longer wished to perform. “Islamophobes” they were not. And still aren’t, even though their skyrocketing crime rates are directly attributable to immigrant and second-generation Muslims.

All three countries are governed by leftist elites, by political parties that redistribute other people’s money and spread the wealth around a lot. The Left has made an alliance with Islam, which wants to spread its creed around across the board and impose its ideology on non-Muslims by guile or force. There are, however, two camps of the Left. There is the Left that hates the West as much as do the Muslims, and will do anything to destroy it, even if it means its own dhimmitude and demise under Sharia law and submission. One could not imagine another group in that part of the globe more dedicated to the destruction of their own country. “We will be multicultural and non-judgmental, even if it means our own deaths. It is the right thing to do. We will be virtuous, even if it means accepting penance for our culture being superior to Islamic culture.” 

It is an instance of passive nihilism in the guise of the high moral ground. The only catch is that, ultimately, this high ground must lead to Norwegians having to walk in the gutter in deference to Muslims on the sidewalk.

And there is the Left that is afflicted with the intellectual cerebral palsy of egalitarianism, moral relativism, and multiculturalism. Its members cannot and will not oppose the invasion of their own countries by Islamic hordes. Members of this group are the three countries’ intellectual elites, which, as such, advise and inform the political Left. Together with the political elite, this group holds Islam and Muslims as sacrosanct and untouchable by the least criticism, serious or satirical. 

Muslims, however, do not reciprocate when it comes to Norwegian or Swedish or Danish cultural values, or women, or property or freedom of speech. They are protected by actual orde facto censorship and political correctness. For all their relativist language, it is almost as though these intellectuals have conceded the assertion by Islamic intellectuals that Muslims are in every way superior to non-Muslims. It is useless to point this out to these “thinkers,” because they will only flip the coin and reply, “Heads, we’re at fault. We shouldn’t be so culturally imperialistic in our own country.” 

Bruce Bawer, in a Wall Street Journal article on February 7, “After the Oslo Massacre, an Assault on Free Speech” (the full article was reprinted in Canada’s National Post) recounted the July 22, 2011 bombing and massacre committed by Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian who opposed the government’s immigration and multiculturalist policies, and his own prediction last year that a backlash would be mounted, not against raping, looting, and anti-Semitic Muslims, but against Norwegians who spoke out or wrote about the irreconcilability between Western values and Islam.
“In Norway,” I wrote in these pages on July 25, “to speak negatively about any aspect of the Muslim faith has always been a touchy matter . . . . It will, I fear, be a great deal more difficult to broach these issues now that this murderous madman has become the poster boy for the criticism of Islam.”

This statement was harshly criticized by Norway’s multicultural left. How dare anyone speak of such issues at a time like this! […]

On the contrary, Islam’s rise in the West is a subject that needs to be discussed frankly, without euphemism or disinformation. The survival of secular democracy, individual liberty and women’s rights depends upon it. 

Sadly, my prediction turned out to be far more prescient than I could have imagined. In the weeks and months following Breivik’s rampage, dozens of high-profile Norwegian leftists stepped forward to claim that critics of Islam shared responsibility for his crimes—and to call, darkly if vaguely, for action.

Imagine if Colonel Travis had drawn a line in the sand at the Alamo, and asked any of its defenders who would not only surrender the Alamo, but help the invading Mexicans overcome the fort, to step forward over the line. One supposes that is the new Norwegian notion of courage. 

Bawer writes:
Consider this: Criticizing Islam is now a punishable offense in several European countries. In the past few months alone, a Danish court fined writer Lars Hedegaard for talking about Islam’s treatment of women in his own home, and activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf was found guilty of lecturing about Muhummad’s marital history in what an Austrian court considered an inappropriate tone.

And, in Austria, a man was fined for allegedly “mocking” a nearby mosque’s muezzin byyodeling, and a retired French actress was hauled into court for placing an ad in the paper that warned potential Muslim job applicants that she had a dog. Another man spoke ill in his own home of the Muslim treatment of Muslim women, and was taken to court.

Norwegian intellectuals claim that because Breivik was “inspired” by what he read in variousanti-jihadist bogs that criticized Islam, they all contributed to Breivik’s criminal state of mindand so therefore their authors are just as culpable. This position underscores the notion that men’s minds are merely passive receptors of ideas that cause men to act, that ideas themselves are intrinsically potent, like sugar or cholesterol, and should be regulated to prevent events such as the Oslo bombing and massacre. 

This notion also applies to Muslims, as well. If Muslims weren’t offended or insulted or made the special attention of critics and authorities as likely terrorists (a.k.a., “discrimination,” “racism,” “bigotry”), there would be a halt to bombings and rapes and murders committed by Muslims, and we would all be living in a multiculturally copasetic world. Muslims, Lutherans, Catholics, and Jews would all be holding hands and dancing around a Maypole. 

But it is the Muslims who benefit from such rationalizations, not their victims or their critics. Muslims are implicitly granted the privilege of saying whatever they please without risk of reprisal or censure, because they are a protected group posing as “victims.” And there is no evidence that gagging their critics leads to a cessation of Muslim crime. In fact, state or politically-correct self-censorship causes a rise in such crimes, because there is no attendant risk in committing them. Their imams or mullahs will come to their defense, as well as the infidel egg-heads and “journalists” who report the news with socks in their mouths.

Bawer offers evidence of the campaign against critics of Islam in Norway and beyond. It is an episodic sequel to Julien Benda’s The Treason of the Clerks. Benda noted that French intellectuals,
… whose function is to uphold eternal and disinterested values, such as justice and reason, whom I call the intellectuals, have abdicated their role for the sake of practical interests.

Those “practical interests,” as far as Norwegian intellectuals are concerned, being to assault freedom of speech and to call for the demonization of its advocates and practitioners. Standing up for freedom of speech is simply not “practical.” As for the “disinterested” values of justice and reason, these IQ-challenged cultural and political Quislings are clearly not interested in them. Bawer presents some of the disgraceful capitulations by Norwegian “clerks.”
On July 28, for instance, novelist Jostein Gaarder, author of “Sophie’s World,” and social anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen, writing in the New York Times, linked Breivik to “right-wing” Islam critics, including me. “Mr. Breivik,” they wrote, “has now shown that those who claim to protect the next generation of Norwegians against Islamist extremism are, in fact, the greater menace.”

Cartoonists, Austrian yodelers, and retired French actresses are a greater menace than roving gangs of Muslim youth? Bruce Bawer is a graver threat than a suicide bomber? Just how many women have they raped, disfigured, or beaten to a pulp? How many have they killed on Spanish trains, or London subways, or in skyscrapers, or in Bali nightclubs? One must really question, not only the condition of a poisonous stasis of Muslim minds, but the mental health of intellectuals who defend Muslim crimes out of a perverted sense of justice.
Lars Gule, former head of the Norwegian Humanist Association, agreed. “It is obvious,” wrote Mr. Gule in VG, Norway’s largest daily, on Aug. 1, “that certain groups, persons, and communities have contributed to Breivik’s warped view of reality, and these people need to take a good look at themselves. If not, others must help them.”

On the contrary, it is intellectuals like Lars Gule who must take a good look at themselves, and ask themselves whether or not they are still human. They must ask themselves: If Anders Breivik’s mind was so influenced by the statements of people like Robert Spencer and Steve Emerson, not to mention by Hitler and other tyrants, why have I not turned into a homicidal maniac? I have read the same things, too, yet here I am, without the least impulse to plant bombs or shoot those whose words I hate. But that kind of realization would be repressed, for Gule sounds like a wannabe reeducation camp warden who would like to “help” them get their minds and words sanitized.
On Aug. 22, Norway’s newspaper of record, Aftenposten, ran an op-ed coauthored by Mr. Eriksen and three others—social anthropologist Sindre Bangstad, philosopher Arne Johan Vetlesen and Bushra Ishaq of Norway’s Anti-Racist Center. Titled “Hateful Utterances,” it called for tighter limits on free speech in the wake of July 22.

“Certain hateful utterances,” the authors insisted, “are legally and morally unacceptable.” Rejecting “free speech absolutism,” and criticizing the United States for “go[ing] the furthest in protecting the right to expression—including hateful expression,” they argued that “Norwegian editors as well as politicians” needed to make it clear that “it is not a human right to express oneself in public; and that certain hateful utterances . . . are not acceptable.”

Bawer does not note it, but it apparently took Messrs Eriksen, Bangstad and Ishaq a whole month – between the massacres of July 22 to August 22 – to gather enough collectivechutzpah to openly call for censorship and the suppression of all speech not approved by the government (or by Muslims).
Anthropologist Runar Døving agreed, declaring flatly, in a Sept. 2 interview with the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet, that criticism of Islam should be censored. Mr. Døving admitted that his view of the public square was “authoritarian”—the expression of certain ideas, he said, should simply not be allowed—and that he was “entirely in favor of what many people are now describing as a witch hunt,” because “there needs to be an investigation of what was written before July 22″ so that we can “see the connection between words and actions.”

Indeed, Bawer’s appellation, witch hunt, is eminently appropriate. A witch, after all, it is claimed, uses magic potions, spells, and curses that cause others to be wicked and sinful. Obviously, to Doving and his ilk, Breivik was influenced by the things he read (and the things he read comprised a chaotic potpourri of legitimate and irrational statements about Islam), things that cast a spell on him and drove him to acts of terrorism. So, to prevent others from being victims of such anti-social behavior, and for the public’s security, those things must be banned, the writings of those who influenced Breivik must be “investigated” and cast into a memory hole so they never “do harm” ever again, and the authors of those writings be held accountable for their “hateful” or “hatemongering” speech. 

And never, ever accuse Muslims of hate speech, or the defamation of other religions, or intolerance, or anti-social behavior. Don’t even look at a Muslim the wrong way. It will earn you a dunking, or a beheading, or a rape, or a bomb. 

Bawer concludes his article:
Indeed, a witch hunt is under way in Norway. In the name of multicultural tolerance and social harmony, some of the most powerful members of the country's leftwing intelligentsia are seeking to silence Islam's critics by linking them to a mass murderer who has become the most despised individual in modern Norwegian history. This campaign has been carried out on a scale, and with an intensity, that is profoundly unsettling. It should be firmly resisted by everyone who treasures freedom of expression and recognizes it as the cornerstone of human liberty.

Bawer was probably thinking about Fjordman and Hans Rustad, two outspoken Norwegians against multiculturalism and the Islamization of Norway who became the first scapegoats of the Left in its search for explanations for the Breivik massacre and bombing. About the laying of responsibility for Breivik’s actions, The Gates of Vienna, in December 2011, in a long commentary on the Oslo massacre and on the opening baying of bloodhounds in the witch hunt, had this to say about both the Left’s intellectuals and the Norwegian news media:
Are the media in Norway seriously trying to convince us that they have no culpability in influencing Breivik to commit these crimes by publishing critical articles about non-western immigrants, but that Fjordman and Mr. Rustad who have simply been linking to the newspaper articles published by the same media somehow are? That is logical fallacy, and it simply doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. If they keep insisting on trying to pin the blame on Fjordman and Mr. Rustad then they have to stand up and accept equal responsibility, which of course they will never do.

Samuel Johnson is alleged to have quipped, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Egalitarianism, moral relativism, and multiculturalism began as “good intentions” adopted by the champions and enforcers of the welfare state, which is a political system that relieves some men of their lives, liberty, and property to redistribute them to men who want no liberty but need property. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are welfare states that also wish to relieve men of their freedom of speech. Their political elites and their intellectuals have for decades paved the way to a hell they don’t wish to acknowledge or see, and are willing to blind everyone else to. 

And America’s own political elite and intellectuals are laying the same paving stones to hell for this country.

Belgian woman receives death threats after posing in bikini - burqa combo

Praise the tolerance.
Praise the humanity.
Praise the JUSTICE.
Praise the modernity of Islam.

20-year-old An-Sofie Dewinter doesn't seem all that concerned about threats to kill her.
After posing in a combination bikini/burqa combination that proclaimed "Freedom or Islam - you choose" the model has reportedly received death threats.
In regards to threats to her life, Fox News is reporting that the model and daughter of Belgian nationalist politician Filip Dewinter as stating:
“I don’t think they’re serious. I hope not.”
The Belgian media giant Het Laatste Nieuws (English - The Latest News) has also quoted the younger Dewinter:

"Death threats and criticism no longer scare me off."
The Daily Mail of London is reporting that Mr. Dewinter claims the Muslim organization Shariah4Belgium has called for him to be killed for expressing his pro-Belgian views.
Recently, Shariah4Belguim was fined 550 Euros ($730) for "inciting hatred towards non-Muslims".

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Australia: Islamic group wants taxpayer subsidies for new "migrants" to visit home

The sense of entitlement boggles the mind. They also want government-subsidized self-segregation. They didn't come to Australia to (shudder) live with Australians, by golly. "Pay for our trips home - the Islamic Women's Welfare Association," by John Masanauskas for the Herald Sun, January 13:
NEW migrants should get taxpayer subsidies to visit overseas relatives, an Islamic group has told the Federal Government.
The Islamic Women's Welfare Association also says Muslims prefer to live close to their own people and Australia should consider how to "facilitate the purchase of homes for new migrants".
In a submission to a federal multicultural inquiry, the association has urged the Government to give tax deductions to newly arrived migrants so they can visit relatives in their homelands.
"Migrants face a lot of sacrifices such as having to travel long distances to visit relatives, spending on communication costs, missing out on some events occurring in native countries etc," the submission said.
"This loss should be compensated by the Government in one way or the other to retain migrants in their country of adoption."
Victorian Muslim and president of the Australian Council of Bosnian Organisations Senada Softic-Telalovic said while some help might be justified for needy refugees who had to go overseas to settle their affairs, she didn't support travel compensation for all newcomers.
That type of argument will bring out further outrage from those who are so anti-migrant and so anti-multiculturalism," she said. Ms Softic-Telalovic said that Australia was seen as an ideal migration destination and new arrivals shouldn't take the country for granted.
"Migrants and refugees who come out now are in a significantly better position and you could say a more privileged position than those who came out in the 1970s," she said.
Victorian Multicultural and Citizenship Minister Nick Kotsiras said tax breaks for migrant trips abroad was a ridiculous idea.
"We are all equal and no one should get special privileges," he said.

More Oppression of Muslims: Underwear Jihadist Imprisoned for Religious Duty

All Muslims know one thing: 
JIHAD for Allah. 
JIHAD for Islam. 

There is no other path that can lead a Muslim to the virgins that we all so desire. That is why this story is so painful to report. 

The Mighty and Wonderous Warrior of Allah, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is being oppressed by the kuffar for attempting to fulfill his obligations as a Muslim, through Jihad by blowing up an airliner with himself and 300 infidels.

As he states himself, this is clearly an act of selfishness on his part to better humanity by killing kuffars for Allah and that any punishment for these most Islamic of acts is "cruel and unusual."

Praise Allah for Jihad.
Allah curse those kuffar that stand in the way of the eventual global triumph of Islam! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Beauty of Islamic Thought: Behead the Apostate!

Can one not see the maturity of Muslims.
Can one not see the infaliblity of Islam and the confidence that Muslims place in Allah? 

Can one not see the GLORY that is the DEMANDS for blood that Muslims continually call for? 

This is Islam, the Religion of Peace. 
Saudi Sheik weepingly demands that an atheist writer Saudi Columnist Hamza Kashgari be executed for 'insulting' Muhammad in Twitter posts.

The Justice of Islam: Honour Killings in Ontario

I for one am glad to see Mulitculturalism at work in Canada. That Islam and the ETERNAL LAWS of Allah as sanctified in the Sharia are being enacted in this former kaffir land is just another sign of Islam's ultimate VICTORY.

Let the Demographic Jihad continue.
Europe First.
North America and Australia Second.
After that the world!

Praise Jihad!

The ETERNAL Benifits of Islamic Membership: Touching Children in the Manner of Allah's Apostle

It is a given that Muslim men have been bequeathed by Allah, through the ETERNAL and PERFECT example of his Messenger (pbuh) the RIGHT to touch children.

Muslims also, based on the ETERNAL RIGHTS as ensconcsed in the Noble Quran, have the RIGHT to aquire and use women as SEX SLAVES.

THESE RIGHTS are for ALL TIME and can not be nulified by kaffir man-made laws. That this humble Muslim couple was exercising their Religious Freedom and living in accordance with Islam and that they have been disrupted by the infidel should require a FATWA of JIHAD!

The RIGHTS of these Muslims to keep their booty and use their sex slaves as they see fit has been compromised and this OPPRESSION of Islam should not go unchallenged!

Deaf girl, 10, 'trafficked to UK and kept as sex slave in cellar by elderly couple for almost 10 YEARS'   

The Beauty of Islamic Simplicity: 4x4 with Blades Allows Converts to Mow Down 'Enemies of Allah'

The Religion of Peace and Tolerance.

4x4 with Blades Allows Converts to Mow Down 'Enemies of Allah'
Two Muslim converts who were caught entering Britain with Al Qaeda magazines containing instructions on how to produce homemade bombs will be back on the streets within two months.
German-born Christian Emde, 28, and Robert Baum, 24, were sentenced today at the Old Bailey after being stopped by officers from the South East Counter Terrorism Unit at Dover.
Emde had four copies of Inspire featuring articles titled "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom" and "Destroying Buildings."
Another called "The ultimate mowing machine" suggested adding blades to a four-wheel drive pickup truck in order to drive through pedestrian areas and "mow down the enemies of Allah."
On Baum's computer detectives found a German translation of "39 ways to serve and participate in Jihad" which gave advice on how terrorists should keep fit.
Both men lived in the town of Solingen, east of Dusseldorf in Germany, before travelling by ferry to England last July with nearly 3,000 Euros in cash.
Baum, who was living on unemployment benefit, converted to Islam in 2003 while Emde, a former solider in the German army, became a Muslim in 2009 and worked as a warehouseman.
They told officers they had intended to travel to Egypt but changed their plans because it was too expensive. Instead they decided to take a bus from Brussels to London before getting another bus to Birmingham.
The Old Bailey heard the tickets to Birmingham had been bought by an associate of a man named Ahmed Diini, who had been excluded from the UK because of links to terrorism.
Emde claimed that he downloaded the Inspire magazine from the internet so he could "understand all aspects of the religion of Islam," the court heard.
Both men pleaded guilty to possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist. Judge Peter Rook QC sentenced Emde to 16 months imprisonment and Baum to just 12 months imprisonment.
Both men have already spent 193 days in custody and are to be deported after serving their sentences. Judge Rook told Baum that he had "effectively already served your sentence" while Emde will be released in about two months.
"Clearly the documents are of a kind likely to be useful to a person preparing an act of terrorism," said the judge.
"The material, particularly Inspire magazine, makes chilling reading. Only one sentence is appropriate and that is an immediate custodial sentence.
"All terrorist offences are serious. However this falls at the low end of seriousness. It is accepted there was no evidence to suggest that any of this material was going to be used for a terrorist purpose. It is accepted this material was widely available on the internet.


Now that Islam is firmly in the drivers seat in most Western countries, the media MUST be dealt with (with regards to its portrayal of Islam). Thankfully this chore has already been taken up by Allah's slaves and any mocking of the Religion of Peace and Justice will not be tolerated.

Muslims will KILL ANY that say Islam is VIOLENT!

Praise the internal logic of the Sharia and the mind of Allah!

Civilisational Jihad:London Plotters 'Told To Claim Benefits To Fund Jihad Training!

Usman Khan has admitted his involvement in plans for terror attacks on the UK
Praise the GLORY OF ALLAH and JIHAD!! 
Not only are the kuffar paying for their own colonization (through welfare and immigration to the millions of Muslims pouring into the West daily), but they are now paying for the Jihad that will wreck their (in the words of the Muslim Brotherhoods Manifesto) "miserable house from within..."

That Allah has provided his slaves (Muslims) with the tools (Jihad) and the Jizzya (welfare payments) to overthrow the vile kuffar is just another example of the truth of Islam.

Please See more of this most wonderful development coming out of the Islamic Sultanate of Britain:

Civilisational Jihad:London Plotters 'Told To Claim Benefits To Fund Jihad Training!

An al Qaeda-inspired extremist called on British Muslims to claim benefits to raise funds for a terrorist training camp, a court has heard.
Usman Khan, 20, was secretly recorded talking about plans to recruit UK radicals to attend the camp in Kashmir, London's Woolwich Crown Court was told.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

PRAISE ALLAH! Malaysians FORBIDDEN to follow Conscience!

That Islam was spread by the sword is a given.
That Islam can convert the kuffar (infidel by the sword) is a given. 

That Islam DEMANDS respect at the end of the sword (threats of violence) is a given. 
That Islam DEMANDS DEATH for those that think for themselves (Apostates) is a given.

And thankfully, in Muslim dominated Malaysia, people are not free to choose for themselves which invisible deity to worship. 

ISLAM DEMANDS that they worship Allah (whether or not they believe in Allah or not)!

Praise Allah! 


Federal Court avoids deciding on right to religion of choice

The Religion of Tolerance: Islamic Scholar: 'The Jew is a Satan in Human Form''

Non more need be said. As all know Islam in the West DEMANDS tolerance! And what it gives in return is the tolerance of Islam. 

Praise Allah! 

Sheik Bassam Al-Kayed, Head of the Palestinian Islamic Scholars Association in Lebanon: The Jew Is a Satan in Human Form, Who Violates All International Laws, All Human Norms, and All Values

Bassam Al-Kayed: The Jew is a satan in human form. Allah inflicted the Jews upon humanity in its entirety, and especially upon the nation of Islam, including the early prophets and the Prophet Muhammad. The Jew is a satan in human form. We could almost say that the satanic jinn take lessons from them.

What they do is very peculiar. It transgresses all boundaries. They attribute no sanctity to anything that is scared, to any treaty or agreement. They violate all the international laws, all the human norms, and all the Islamic and man-made laws. They violate all values. They are deterred by nothing but force.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

HALAL! Touching Children (Sexually) in the Manner of the Messenger

As all Muslims know, children are a prime source of sexual enjoyment for Muslim men.

Whether it be dancing boys in Afgahnistan or the marriage of elderly men to children (here, here and here) and their use as sexual play things.


This is based on the example (the PERFECT and ETERNAL) of Allah's Messenger, Muhammad, who enjoyed sex with the little Aisha (using her thighs from the age of 6 to full blown intercourse from the age of 9). 

This according to Muslims is the most beautiful love story of all time, and to be emulated by all Muslims.

To critizize the use of children as sexual play things by Muslim men is to spit in the face of Allah, Islam and Muhammad. Thus, no question of this most HOLY of Islamic practices will be tolerated.

The use of Children, in the Manner of the Messenger is a RIGHT as bequeathed by Allah and is VALID for all time! 


There is only ONE PUNISHMENT for those that choose to follow their conscience rather than the Noble Quran.


All Muslims know this:
Death for Apostasy!
Death for Blasphemy!
Death for Dis-belief!

Theses are the ETERNAL LAWS and mandates as bequeathed by Allah, and are not subject for Revision!

That a mere man could reject the accuracy and total belief in Allah and his Messenger is not only an insult to an invisible creator that has not shown himself in 1400 years, but a blow to the belief structure of a billion people who believe in elderly men shoving their genitals into children is a holy act (based on the example of Allah's Apostle).

Thus I am glad to see Muslims being Muslims (and this time in "moderate" Indonesia), were calls to behead an atheist are thankfully growing louder. Praise Allah!

Please peruse the following article and bask in the Islamic glow of Grandeur that it fills all right thinking Muslims with.

Calls to Behead Indonesian Atheist Alexander Aan

Jakarta. A defiant declaration of atheism by an Indonesian civil servant has inflamed passions in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, pitting non-believers and believers against each other.

The trouble began when civil servant Alexander Aan posted a message on the Facebook page of Atheist Minang, a group of Indonesians with godless beliefs. It read: “God doesn’t exist.”

The post so enraged residents in Aan’s hometown of Pulau Punjung in West Sumatra province that an angry mob of dozens stormed his office and beat up the 30-year-old.

To add insult to injury, police then arrested him and now want to press blasphemy charges that could see him locked up for five years.